Thoughts of Sophie

Spreading Judgement

We all spread judgment from time to time and this is unavoidable because we are who we are and, let’s face it, sometimes, we can’t control it. But today, I was thinking about such a thing as “judging your own judgment”. That means, when you notice yourself judging someone or something, try to stop for a second and ask yourself “why am I doing this?” Has this person or thing ever done anything to me? And if they did, why do I think that happened? Because in reality, they probably did not do anything to you, but still here you are judging their actions that are not related to you, not affecting you and, quite honestly, none of your business.

Now, from what I saw most of the time: people judging other people for doing things that bring those people closer to any sort of success for them. And that, for some reason, bothers another person just because this is happening. And every time I see that happening, I just want to come up to them and ask, have you ever tried to think why are you doing this? Because probably, they are unsatisfied with their own life, so when they see someone going ahead or just trying something new, they start talking about that person and not in a nice way.

And I saw this happening so many times that it makes me feel so upset because we all are trying something, we all are going somewhere and then there are people who are not doing anything themselves because they think they are not good enough to start something, so they judge another individual for trying something they think they are good enough for. So, in the end, as always, it all comes back to their own insecurity.

I know someone who’s always making fun of everything others do. Doesn’t matter if that’s a friend, a foe, or a stranger on the internet. That person always makes fun of them and when I see that happening, I know she does that because she is incredibly insecure and she herself has dreams but lives in fear. She has a goal, she wants to write poems and publish them but she thinks she still needs to learn more. I always tell her to try and learn at the same time and get better as she practices, but she wants to wait until she gets better, only then, she will present her work. That girl is one more example of what I’m talking about. She doesn’t judge because she’s evil, she doesn’t judge because she’s offended by others, she does that because she is insecure to do her own thing and it upsets her that another person tries something while they are still learning.

People like her consciously or unconsciously think they are not good enough, so they judge other people for thinking they are good enough but do those people think so? Not always, but they try anyway because they are not scared of failure.

We judge, we all do that sometimes, but it is vital to think about why we do that. Once we figure that out, we can see the source of that judgment and that source is always about us and not the person we judge. We can work with that source to heal ourselves and stop spreading judgment on others. We can grow and glow to become not just better people, but mindful and happier ones.

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