How does it feel to be opened, feminine, magnetic?
To shine unapologetically in and out of your body and attract all the abundance, all the prosperity?
How does it feel to walk your walk and just let them talk? No shame - no fear.
Self-Guided is your path to self-liberation. By embodying your womanhood, you will be able to transform your life.
No more comparison/competition with other women.
No more low energy or low self-esteem.
No more suppression of your true nature.
No more shame around your body.
No more people-pleasing.
No more being the "good girl."
And so much more of.....
Honey, everything you want is possible.


Are you ready to claim it? To take responsibility?
Joy and pleasure
Complete alignment with heart's desires
High feminine energy
Inner transformation through self-love
Fully activated creative flow
Openness to the world
Intimacy... with yourself
Unapologetic embodiment of your true nature
Connection with your physical form
Abundance, radiance, magnetism
Conscious relationships
Total acceptance of your feminine shadows

The codes...
Loving yourself is the medicine
Opening your heart is the way
Happiness is a choice
Opened Heart. Stardust Soul.
Magnetic You.
A self-led coaching journey to your womanhood.
Watch anywhere. Anytime.
12 Pre-recorded Coaching Sessions:
Bonus: Self-love Activation Meditation (audio)
Bonus: Tantric Breast Massage Practice (video)

Self-Guided Workbook with:
Daily Journaling Practice for Your Soul
Self-Guided Transformational Journaling Questions
30-day Self-Love Reclamation PDF file
Self-Guided 30-day Challenge: Find your practice
Unique Affirmations
Secret Gift, xoxo
Opening Ceremony
The Courage To Be The B*tch
The Secrets Of Solitude
Loving Your True Nature
Befriend Your Sexy Energy
No More Life In the Realm Of Possibilities
The Power Of Choice
Integrating Feminine Shadows
Voices, Voices, Voices:
Fear vs. Intuition
Self-Worth Reclaimed
From Creation To Creator
Radical Forgiveness
If you are….
An Inversor
All In
You desire to be embodied, empowered, and turned on by your own self. You are done feeling bad about yourself and catch yourself being jealous of other women, you are ready to move on. You are ready to embrace yourself! It might feel scary, but you are ready for transformation and you say "Self-Guided Yes!"
Your energy has changed. You feel powerful and connected. You feel safe to be seen. You love that goddess in the reflection of the mirror and you want to embody her EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

Your feel the desire of unapologetic self-expression. You hear the voices of your body, even if they are quiet. You can read the message, you deserve more. You want to establish the connection, to feel sovereignty, and activate the heart, to move with your body as one. Your channel is opening and it's ready to receive.
Something unfolded for you and now you are playing with the energy. The pleasure from the breast massage feels exciting, opening. You feel the shift, you ready to follow your heart, no more closing yourself up. No more dimming your light. You are unapologetic!
You are ready to receive all that juicy knowledge. You want to expand, you want to feel joy and pleasure. You desire clarity, untamed self-expression, and self-love that will sweep you off your feet. You want connection, collaboration. You are all in...
You are opened, loving, turned on for... everything!!! You are ready to create and receive all the abundance, all the magic.
You love yourself, you love your breasts, and you are not ashamed of your physical form. Welcome, Goddess!
Right after you sign up, you will receive an email with the receipt, make sure to check spam.
The lessons will be available from the 1st of March (you will receive login and password then) and available forever.

Get ready to love yourself like never before, get ready to become a sexy self-guided goddess that is your birthright!!!

If you have any questions, feel free to DM Sophie on Instagram or send an email

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