"Rewire" is your guide to true personal growth.
To change, to shift your mindset, you need to create a real connection with yourself, accept yourself without conditions, and stop overestimating or underestimating yourself.
This ebook will not teach you to be positive and productive 24/7. It will not "fix" you because you are not broken.
It will help you to re-evaluate your life, to find out what is important to you, what do you want to do, and what kind of people would you surround yourself with.
You will learn techniques that will help you stay more
present, centered, and in harmony with your shadow. You will be able to focus on the solution and less on the problem.
*price in rubles may vary according to the exchange rates between the American dollar and the Russian Ruble. *
This book is about honesty. Honesty with yourself.
It is about being able to understand why you might not be going after your dreams or staying in a toxic environment.
It is about creating a major shift in your life by not only learning about spirituality and self-development but practicing it and implementing those practices into your life.
Being happy is not about achieving something but rather making yourself a priority in the most unselfish way.
You cannot create good in the world if you are not in tune with yourself. You cannot build healthy long-lasting relationships if you are not in balance with the good and bad parts of you.
You cannot live your life the way you want to without self-analysis. You need to ….
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