Hey love, I am Sophie
and I am very excited to meet you!
I am a devoted expander. I help women to embody sensuality, self-worth, and self-acceptance by expanding their consciousness. I have been exploring Eastern teachings and philosophies, mindfulness practices, and positive psychology for eight years. I am truly devoted to helping women activate their inner power and magic.
Life is too short not to live it the way you want to but do so you have to work on yourself and face your demons. But you don't have to do that alone. Having a mentor will help you activate your true potential and have all the necessary support in the process.
Why can you trust me?
A good guide is not defined by the number of years they have been teaching, but more by their knowledge, and the ability to relate to those they teach.
I was once a different person. Constant anxiety, depression, and insecurity could never let me take a break. I was suffering.
Only then I decided to ask for help without thinking that
"it's okay to feel like this from time to time,"
"it's okay not to be happy,"
"it's okay to feel scared and insecure all the time,"
my life has transformed. Lots of inner work, mentorships and retreats guided me in the right direction, and I found my way out. And then I started guiding others to their Higher selves.
Working with women and empowering them on their journey to their Higher selves is what I feel I was born to do.
Nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than guiding others and helping them break the chains from the mind prison. Our mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy. If we choose to practice what we preach, listen to all the four languages of our being, trust and surrender, we can live in love, prosperity and abundance.
It is my honor to assist you on your journey and help you embody your Highest self, so every
day will be a celebration.
All my love,
Sophie xx
if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at
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